He’s got all the right moves.
And makes…all the wrong plays.

Will Aster excels at two things: soccer and self-sabotage. Following a viral incident involving him and the club owner’s wife, his only option to continue playing is overseas on FC Kluvberg—a team known for not tolerating scandal. A last chance and a harsh wake-up call.

Sophia Beck has spent her life avoiding football. Growing up in the shadow of her family’s stratospheric success in the sport left scars. About to begin her final year of university, she’s eager to pursue a career in photography, not receive an internship assignment involving her brother’s team. The last thing she expects is to meet a guy—a player—who makes her want to watch a game.

He loves soccer.

She resents it.

Those contrary viewpoints collide when Will and Sophia discover something stronger than their conflicting emotions toward the sport—their feelings for each other.

But…one wrong play can cost the game.

And wrong plays are Will’s specialty.

Content Warnings: parental abandonment, attempted suicide By a side character (off-page)